Wellness on demand – surface heating with infrared



Minimum effort and expense – maximum comfort 

Up to now, installing a new heating system has been a challenge in many respects: the boiler, pipes and radiators take up a great deal of space, the floor has to be raised to accommodate underfloor heating, so that edges are created for people to trip over or problems are caused with room and balcony doors. New heating systems are also supposed to be able to eliminate cold areas in rooms and thus provide an effective way to stop mould formation.

hicoTHERM® from Frenzelit is the flexible system solution for creating optimum room conditions with minimum modernisation effort and expense:
  • Low thickness in the millimetre range guarantees an accessible living environment
  • Flexible installation in the floor covering or under plaster or wallpaper on the wall and ceiling
  • No loss of space to radiators
  • Permanent dehumidification of floors and walls
  • Effective protection against damp areas and mould formation
  • Low investment costs and easy installation

Pleasant infrared heat is distributed throughout the room – consistently, immediately and with no lead time – with the hicoTHERM® radiant heating system. The direct heating process is not just extremely convenient to use as a result; it saves a large amount of energy too at the same time. The thermostat and temperature sensor control the heating output individually and precisely throughout the house or flat. hicoTHERM® guarantees an agreeable, feel-good atmosphere at all times – in the hallway, kitchen and bedroom as well as in children’s rooms and living areas.



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