Wellness on demand – surface heating with infrared



A safe heating system that takes up a minimum of space 

Pleasant heat at all times and throughout the room is specially important in the bathroom or personal wellness area. Tiles and the places you sit or lie here must never be cold, even when you are not normally heating your home otherwise! An electric heating system does at the same time need to be particularly safe when it is installed in wet areas.
hicoTHERM® from Frenzelit is exceptionally efficient, so it guarantees feel-good temperatures quickly, no matter how small or large the room:
  • High capacity up to 220 W/m²
  • Low-voltage operation for maximum safety in wet areas
  • Thin materials guarantee accessible bathroom and wellness area design
  • Problem-free installation possible where you sit and lie down too
  • Cold tiles on floors, walls and wellness fittings are now a thing of the past
  • No loss of space to radiators
hicoTHERM® makes bathrooms and wellness areas pleasantly warm with no lead time – while saving a large amount of energy too. The ultra-thin direct heating system behind tiles or plaster is ready for immediate operation at all times, even when you are not heating your home otherwise. Subsequent installation – in wellness reclining facilities, for example – is no problem.



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