Wellness on demand – surface heating with infrared



A pleasantly warm wintergarden throughout the year

A heated wintergarden gives your home that holiday feeling all year long. This can at least be said without any reservations when the heating system creates a pleasantly warm environment without massive heating bills to destroy the holiday atmosphere. When the wintergarden is still being planned, it is crucial to choose a heating solution that can be installed with little effort or expense and that operates quickly with low energy input.

Since the materials used are extremely thin, hicoTHERM® from Frenzelit can be integrated in practically any wintergarden floor and guarantees a pleasant temperature throughout the year, thanks to its high capacity of up to 220 W/m²:
  • High capacity up to 220 W/m²
  • Quick, direct heat and only when it is needed – with no lead time
  • Particularly effective heat generation for low-energy operation
  • Thin materials guarantee problem-free installation
  • No loss of space to radiators
  • Flexible adaptation of the heating areas to room geometry

Heat is distributed consistently throughout the winter garden with the hicoTHERM® radiant heating system. The infrared heat makes the room feel particularly pleasant and is available to all intents and purposes at the press of a button. The innovative heating film from Frenzelit not only guarantees particularly effective conversion of electric power into heat; it also enables a feel-good temperature to be reached quickly whenever required, so it succeeds in combining extremely low-energy operation with maximum comfort in the living area.



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