Wellness on demand – surface heating with infrared



Smart heating with an ingenious system: hicoTHERM® from Frenzelit!
hicoTHERM® generates pleasant heat – quickly and very simply at the press of a button. And the best thing about the innovative heating system supplied by Frenzelit: installation in existing and new buildings is simpler than ever before too. Because the feel-good infrared heat is produced by a film that is only one tenth of a millimetre thick. This means that all the heating equipment required in the room disappears invisibly underneath the floor covering and behind wallpaper or plastered walls, while it can even be installed in the ceiling without any difficulty too.

The hicoTHERM® heating films consist of a new carbon fibre structure created by the Frenzelit development experts. It operates with low voltage, so it is particularly effective at converting electrical energy into heat. As a result, floors, walls or ceilings are turned into radiant heating sources that save energy – the infrared heat is available directly, with no lead time, and is distributed quickly and consistently throughout the room. With hicoTHERM®, no living space is lost to radiators or boilers any more. The surfaces can still be used perfectly normally at the same time: even damage done to the film by a nail in the wall does not have any adverse effect on heating system operation.
hicoTHERM® is smart heating with an ingenious system: all-inclusive packages (heating film, low-voltage transformer, connection cables, temperature sensor, on/off switch and thermostat) guarantee optimum operation and problem-free installation.                  


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